Frequently asked questions

Q: Does Navigation rent PWCs (jet skis) or boats?
A: No, although we rented in the past, certain regulations
from the Fish and Boat Commision made continuing to rent impossible.
Q: How much notice should I give for spring prep for my boat or PWC?
A: Two to Three weeks notice will give us enough time to spring prep
your boat or PWC and have it ready for you to enjoy!
Q: Does Navigation offer summer BOAT/PWC trailer storage?
A: Summer BOAT and PWC trailer storage is free for customers who store with us over winter. 
Summer trailer storage is also available to customers who do not store over winter with us for a small fee. 
We do not store any other kinds of trailers other than BOAT and PWC.
Q: How can I rent a dock in the Navigation marina?
A: Docks in our marina are rented SEASONALLY only. 
Call or stop in the store in the fall or early spring to check on availability for the upcoming season!
Q: Does Navigation offer public docking?
A: Our marina slips are all rented to docking customers but there is public docking
located conveniently in Ice House Park just to the west of our marina.  These docks are
perfectly located to enjoy the shops and restaurants of Conneaut Lake!
Q: I want to custom order a boat.  When should I start this process? 
A: Depending on manufacturer, custom orders can open in the summer/fall of the preceding year.
Your best bet is to call our sales team the year before you want your boat and they will guide
you through the ordering process.
Q: Does Navigation sell kayak launch permits? 
A: Unfortunately, we were unable to continue to sell launch permits due to changes in the Pennsylvania system. 
However, Ralston's Hardware down the street in Conneaut Lake will be able to help you out!
Q: What are my options for selling my boat with Navigation?
A: We offer a couple options for selling your boat with us. 
First, we will gladly purchase your boat from you at a reasonable price. 
Additionally, we can list your boat on consignment on our website and sell it for you for a small fee.